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Accordion Scratching Board

Accordion Scratching Board

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Save your furniture by offering your cat a new scratching and claw-sharpening target!
This accordion-shaped scratching board is great for stretching, playing, and of course, getting their claws into! Suitable for cats of all ages, it can be folded into different shapes or stretched into a little crib to sleep in, no cat can resist!

Cat scratching boards provide the ideal place to scratch, promoting healthy cat nail growth, muscle tone, and home stress relief by satisfying your cat's natural urges - all without ruining your furniture!
The Accordion Scratching Board is made of high-quality eco-friendly corrugated paper and non-toxic cornstarch glue. Neutral designs are closer to mimicking tree bark. It adopts the design of thickened mesh honeycomb density, with tight gaps, is strong and durable, and does not hurt the claws. 

# Material: Recyclable corrugated honeycomb paper
# Dimensions when shaped like a circle: ø24cm (9.5in), height 10cm (3.9in)
# Contains a ball as featured in the pictures

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