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Reusable Dog Pee Pad

Reusable Dog Pee Pad

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Dog training essential, this washable pee pad provides strong and instant absorption and prevents sides leakage. 
The urinary barrier layer does not leak water, does not ball, has strong wrinkle resistance, does not crease and curl, and prevents side leakage.
Easy to clean in your regular washer.


# Material: layer 1: 100% polyester raised cloth, layer 2: polyester fiber, layer 3: PVC waterproof layer
# 3 sizes: 
* Small: 40 x 60cm (15.7 x 23.6in)
* Medium: 70 x 80cm (27.6 x 31.5in)
* Large: 80 x 90cm (31.5 x 35.4in)
# Cleaning: machine washable
# 1 mat per order
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