We donate 1% or our sales to Pet organizations - Pakypet Shop accessories for cats and dog

Pakypet 1%

Unfortunately, too many of our furry friends are not as lucky as the ones you shop for today; we want to help them too!

At Pakypet, we are giving back 1% of our sales to a selection of non-profit organizations that work tirelessly to provide strays with safety, health, care, and eventually loving forever homes.

Through Give and Grow from the Pledgeling Foundation, we are giving 1% of all our sales back to the six organizations below.
We also offer our customers the possibility to chime in by simply rounding up the amount of their order, or giving an extra $1.

Thank you for your help and support!

The Pakypet Team



Pakypet gives back to Waggy Tails Rescue

Waggytail Rescue

Waggytail is a small dog and cat rescue based in New York City and dedicated to the rehabilitation and rehoming of small breed dogs and other animals in need.
Pakypet gives back to The Sato Project

The Sato Project

The Sato Project is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs from Puerto Rico. There are currently an estimated 500,000 stray dogs roaming the island’s streets and beaches. For thousands of stray and abandoned dogs across Puerto Rico, we are their only hope.
Pakypet gives back to Flatbush Cats  

Flatbush Cats

Flatbush Cats is a non-profit organization in Flatbush, Brooklyn focusing on local cat rescue, trap–neuter–return and adoption programs to reduce the stray cat population in Flatbush.
Pakypet gives back to Bronx Tails Rescue

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue

Bronx Tails Cat Rescue is dedicated to improving the lives of local stray and feral cats in the Bronx and Harlem. They perform Trap-Neuter-Return of stray and feral cats living in managed colonies in their communities, provide medical care for sick and injured feral cats, and rescue friendly strays for adoption to forever homes.
Pakypet gives back to Tavi $ Friends

Tavi & Tails

Our 'Tavi Tails' ... Senior and Special Care Cats! Every Animal Deserves Love and Attention. Our pet care teams provide the gentle, friendly, and loving care these rescued pets deserve.
Pakypet gives back to Puppy Mills Rescue Team

Puppy Mills Rescue Team

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team's mission is to rescue discarded dogs and puppies from puppy mills, and place them with ethical rescues.

The Puppy Mill Rescue Team also works to educate the public about puppy mills and supports efforts to eradicate the existence of the inhumane mass dog breeding facilities commonly known as puppy mills.


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